If you want to grow up big and strong, protein is what you should be on. Health Energy Drink is an essential macronutrient and is the building block of muscles, bones, and skin. It is vital for maintaining a healthy immune system, repairing tissues, synthesizing hormones and enzymes and building muscle mass. A healthy diet is incomplete without adequate protein intake supporting body growth.


The human body needs a rich protein intake to support growing bones and muscles. It’s a million-dollar question as to how much protein intake is sufficient for a person. Broad factors that determine the adequacy of protein are- age, lifestyle, diet, and health condition. With the majority of the population leading a sedentary lifestyle with less of physical activities or exercise, it is far more important to supplement the body with natural protein sources. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of protein for a healthy adult is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. The requirement goes up for sportspersons, athletes, and people doing heavy physical work (1.2-1.5 g per kg body weight). A normal diet has natural protein ingredients. However, the diet needs to be supplemented with further protein intake.

 “MEALO Sportsis a perfect dietary supplement drink for all those passionate sportspersons who train hard day in and day out across ages and gender. Recommended for Sports, MEALO Sports is an instant health energy drink containing MICELLAR CASEIN PROTEIN and PALATINOSE that provide all the 9 essential amino acids throughout the day to boost your immunity and meet your nutritional demand for a healthy body. Also, MEALO Sports is rich in natural calcium, vitamins, minerals, and fibers and at the same time low in fat content.

A low-calorie supplement with rich protein and fiber content is a perfect blend of healthy supplementary intake. As per the research (2017), roughly one out of four supplement-manufacturing companies, whose products were tested, were questioned on three parameters- purity, strength, and content. We, at DD Nutritions Pvt. Ltd., strictly follow Good Manufacturing Practices during the manufacturing of our products to ensure safety and efficacy. 

Unlike most of the other available protein supplements which are based on whey proteins, MEALO Sports contains micellar casein which is digested more slowly hence releasing amino acids over a longer period of time, and it can therefore do a better job of helping you build muscle throughout the day. Palatinose is different from other carbohydrates in sports drinks as it provides full carbohydrate power.

It is more slowly digested & absorbed than sucrose & it is well tolerated. In addition to this, MEALO Sports is a ready-to-drink liquid rather than powder for reconstitution. It is beneficial for all the adults, elderlies, vegetarians, and exercisers looking to support muscle. As the body loses muscles with aging, protein helps in increasing strength and have a lean body mass. 

You are an athlete –knowing about Micellar Casein & Palatinose can make all the difference!!

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