L Glutamine Powder Supplement – India’s Best

1,299.00 974.00 Inc. GST

L Glutamine Powder Supplement – India’s Best

1,299.00 974.00 Inc. GST



Sourced and Made in INDIA:- No additives, no soy, no msg, no added sugar, no steroids, no fillers

Promotes Muscle Growth:-  L-Glutamine powder is often used by bodybuilders to promote muscle growth through a clean pre-workout and prevent muscle loss.  It also acts as a cell volumizer, which may help muscles store water, which is thought to be necessary for growth and repair.

Supports Gut Health:-  MealO  L-Glutamine powder, used in bodybuilding supplements, is used to help with digestion and support the gut. * Glutamine supplements are believed to help create a strong gut surface for digestion and absorption.

Recovery:-  MealO L-Glutamine supplements, when taken with MealO BCX,  helps boost athletic endurance and aid exercise recovery, as well as reduce muscle soreness. * L-Glutamine powder is also known to boost immunity.


Satisfaction Guarranted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for order dispatch information?
If your query is relating to an order dispatch or refund please feel free to contact us on ourToll free number:18003130801 Available from 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

How do I pay for my MealO purchase?
There are zero hidden charges when you make a purchase on mymealo.com. The prices listed for all the items are final and all-inclusive. The price you see on the product page is exactly what you pay.You may use Credit cards/Debit cards, Internet Banking and Cash on Delivery to make your purchase.

Is my credit card information safe on your site?
Yes. We do not store credit car / personal information details in our system. All online payment related transactions are carried out under 256-SH algorithm that we have installed in our website and we use trusted Razorpay backed payment gateway system.

What are the payment options supported?
We support both online as well as cash on delivery payment methods. No extra fees is charged for using any of the payment methods.

Is return policy available?
Yes.If you are not satisfied with our product then we offer 100% return gurantee.

How many servings per container ?
We provide 50 servings per container .

Can we Drink glutamine mixed with whey protein?
Yes, our glutamine can be mixed with annything.

Is these product genuine and high quality? becausei have no idea about it?
Our Glutamine is 100% pure with no preservatives or flavour added.

How much grams glutamine is delivered in one scoop?
5G of pure glutamine is Delivered.

Does it help in growing more muscles?
Although it doesn’t grow muscle size, it does hold the mass you get by working out regularly, which does grow muscles.

What Artificial sweetner is used in it?
No Artificial sweetner is used in our glutamine.

How much calorie per serving?
0 kcal per serving only pure Glutamine is delivered.

What are the benfits of Glutamine? Why should i buy it?
Glutamine is a building block for making proteins in the body. it increases the bio availabilty of protein towards muscles.

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