Mealo is a health drink brands in India a nutritional drink for adults in India.

Buy Mealo Health Drink & Nutritional Supplements online. Mealo comes under top 10 healthy drinks voted by the people. Mealo is made of casein making it the best protein health drink for adults in India. Made for everyone mealo brand is for all the age groups. A brand of casein sports and health is both for women and men’s health protein drink. It can be consumed as a post workout drink for muscle gain, can be used as muscle recovery drinks, post workout drink for weightloss. It being so convenient among women in India it has become the best post workout drink for females. many females consumes mealo sports or health drink as a part of their weight loss journey. Busting the myth water it is said that there are various benefits of drinking water for weight loss but drinking a lot of water can cause dizziness and acid reflux to many weight loss candidates no matter what there are numerous benefits of drinking water for skin. it hydrates the skin tightens the collagen and detoxes the skin. Mealo is very popular among gym goers, with vivid products under one roof MealO L-Carnitine, BCX and Amino liquid are the three best sellers among the gym goers making it the best drink for muscle gain. Many athletes consume it as a RTD protein shake health drink,making it best nutritional drinks for adults in india. Mealo is RTD sports drink brand in India, providing range of best hydration drink for athletes. The range of mealo supplements which are in ready to drink form are the best energy drink for stamina. Consumption of mealo had shown many beneficial effects of energy drink on the body Mealo is Indian Health drink brands that come under Top 10 healthy drink of India. To maintain the status and integrity Mealo is manufactured under registered gmp facility and the company has collaborated with many big companies Lonza (carnipure) and beneo all mealo product labels are under the guidelines of ICMR An important health drink for old age and important health drink for adults. .Mealo health drink benefit old age population dealing with Sarcopenia. Mealo health drink benefits all age group working in different sector.. It contains casein which makes it a sport drink and oral health provider Mealo is a fully loaded vitamin drink for adults consist of Vit A,B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9,B12,C,D,E,H. A remarkably super health drink for everyone and portable health drink for work. Consist of all vitamins drink for adults. A health drink brand providing healthy drink for breakfast and for busy office goers grab a potable Mealo health drink for work. Mealo can be taken during morning as a breakfast because of its coffee flavour and thick consistency it gives a caffeine aroma making it compatible to the consumers who loves drinking coffee. Mealo sports or health drinks can also be used as a meal replacement because of it high coagulation properties it gels up inside the stomach making the person feel full for longer duration of time. Mealo comes in various flavour but choco vanilla is chocolate flavour health drink and cappuccino is coffee flavour heath drink are the best selling health drinks in india. L carnitine , BCX and Amino liquid are the best post workout drink for muscles gain.They are the muscle recovery drinks best health drink to build muscles.Mealo is an Indian health drink brand which is being known as powerfull health drinks in india.Mealo is the best protein health drink for adults in India. Mealo is India’s first RTD drink Made of Casein,vitamins and minerals making it a nutritional drink for adults. The quality of products that mealo provides is one of the best in the market as it is manufactured under registered gmp facility and the company has collaborated with many big companies Lonza (carnipure) and beneo all mealo product labels are under the guidelines of ICMR. Grab a chilled can of mealo health and sports drink and feel the energy boost inside you. Topping the healthy energy drinks list consumer should know that consumption of aerated drinks can cause various problems like obesity, heart attack, low calcium levels in adults can be seen.Energy Drinks are everywhere in the market but choosing the best is a difficult task. want to know why soft drinks are bad for health, why soft drinks are unhealthy because all this soft drinks contains high caffeine level and they have chemically formulated recipe to make it so sugary and addictive. But here MealO sports or health drinks are sugar free, steroids free and preservatives free making it more nutritious ready to go energy drink.Busting the myth that there are various benefits of drinking water in the morning. it is true that there are various benefits of drink water but one should know that water contains no nutrients. In the morning with an empty stomach the absorption capacity of nutrients are the most consuming water which contains no nutrients can be a waste choosing correct health drink is necessary ​MealO Products are all FSSAI approved . Statements written are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please read product packaging carefully prior to purchase and use. Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.The results from the products will vary from person to person. Always use supplements under the observation of a professional practitioner is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your doctor or other healthcare professional. These statements are not ratified by any government agency and are for general guidance only.Pregnant women, Lactating mother and people with any medical condition should consult a healthcare professional before using this product.Store under cool, dry and dark condition.Protect from direct sunlight.Keep out of reach of children.