Tips for Taking Care of Your Diet During Upcoming Wedding Season

As you indulge in your favorite foods, home-style recipes, and traditional Indian sweets, there will be a need for some guidelines to help you not to jump over the fence. With these diet tips, you can enjoy the festive food guilt-free.

Portion Control

Never underestimate the importance of portion control. Be sure you know when to stop and take a break, whether during the wedding season or in your everyday life. It’s what we call mindful eating. Consider whether you actually need that fifth poori. You may regret eating one extra gulab-jamun later. Moderation is the key to enjoying all the treats you love.

Eat slowly and in Portions.

Slow eating has been used for conscious eating for a long time. Take your time tasting your food. A slow and steady pace will help you digest your food faster and feel complete with less food. Do not fill your plate all at once. Take small portions, and work on them. Take more if you still feel hungry.

Choice of Sweets

Instead of Gulab-Jamun and Rasmalai, pick alternatives if you are aiming for lower calorie intake. Traditionally, suji ka halwa, Lauki ka halwa, laddoos (coconut, besan), and kheer are prepared. You can replace sugar in your homemade sweets with jaggery. Despite not cutting calories, it reduces the harmful effects of excess refined sugar.

Dry Fruits instead of Sweets

When you’re on a diet, sweets may not be the best choice. Sweets and other hampers are exchanged during the occasion of wedding which may lead to dietry concerns. An alternative to this is to have healthy dry fruits and nuts. Therefore, you should select appropriate ones while limiting those with chocolates, sweets, and other snacks.

No to Sodas

A cup of your favorite carbonated drink, along with samosas and pakoras: seems like a party, right? However, this is the part you should cut short. Soda drinks should be avoided.

Getting rid of unwanted calories will be a lot easier with it.


The joy and happiness of weedings are contagious. During this time, everyone looks forward to delicious food. Despite this, these tips can be valuable and helpful for people trying to maintain weight during this time. Don’t forget to drink water and exercise regularly. There will be no guilt attached to this time. Have a wonderful wedding season.

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